Every Day Is A Holiday

For a long time, I wondered if I could find a special occasion for each day of the year… Well, I’ve almost succeeded!

Of course, I included our own (Canadian) traditional holidays and I added many UN and other organisations’ international and global days, but I was particularly surprised – and somewhat amused – that our southern neighbors find all kinds of things to celebrate throughout the year : there is a National Spaghetti day, National Pie day – actually, there is a whole food celebration calendar (See January Food Holidays here)! And they celebrate Hug day, Drinking Straw day and even Sunscreen day! I didn't keep all the un-events that I have found, but I picked some that might prove ineteresting, and I also threw in a few historical facts here and there, where the absence of anything truly interesting (to me, that is) was already scheduled.

Click the following links for websites dedicated to quirky holidays - there were way too many to include them all in my own listing!):

The goal of this new section will be, aside from a reminder, to make you laugh a little and hopefully, inspire you a lot for this new scrapbooking year that is just beginning. As scrapping resolution for 2011, why not make a page a month on an unusual «holiday»? And why not create an album devoted to quirky occasions? Everyone needs a good laugh now and then; it's therapeutic!

So, enough chatting, let’s move on to more «serious» things : here is the listing for January. And do come back every month for the continuation!

January 1
New Year's Day
January 2
Blacks & Whites Carnival Opening Day (Colombia - January 2 - 7)
Science-Fiction Day (USA)
January 3
Chocolate covered cherry day (USA)
Straw day (USA)
January 4
World Braille Day
National Spaghetti Day (USA)
January 5
Birthday of Scrapvalou37 (Fellow Art du scrapbooking DT member)
January 6
Epiphany (3 Kings)
January 7
1929 : First Tarzan comic book is published
January 8
Elvis Presley's birthday
Bubble bath day (USA)
January 9
Positively Penguins Day (USA)
January 10
Birthday of Girafe (fellow Art du scrapbookign DT member)
National clean up your desk day (USA – 2nd Monday in January)
January 11
International Thank You day
January 12
1981: First successful flight of the Columbia space shuttle
January 13
National Rubber Ducky Day (USA)
January 14
National Dress Up Your Pet Day (USA)
January 15
1913 : First intercontinental telephone communication between New York and Berlin
National Hat day (USA)
January 16
Appreciate a Dragon day (USA)
National Nothing Day (USA)
January 17
Popeye's birthday (1929)
January 18
Winnie the Pooh day – celebrating Winnie's creator - Alan Alexander Milne - born on Jan. 18, 1882. 
January 19
National Popcorn Day (USA)
National Tin Can Day - On this date in 1825 the first patent for storing food in tin cans was awarded
January 20
National Cheese Lover's Day (USA)
January 21
National hugging day (USA)
January 22
1970: First transatlantic flight of the Boeing 747, between New York and London
January 23
January 24
National Peanut Butter Day (USA)
National Compliment Day (USA)
Bubble Wrap Appreciation Day
January 25
Opposite Day (USA)
Birthday of Frarin (fellow Art du scrapbooking DT member)
January 26
January 27
National Chocolate Cake Day (USA)
January 28
Opening of the 2011 edition of the Quebec winter carnival
January 29
January 30
National Croissant Day (USA)
Inane Answering Message Day (USA)
January 31
Inspire Your Heart With the Arts Day (USA)

February 1

National baked alaska day (US)
February 2
Groundhog day / World Wetlands day
February 3
Chinese New Year / National carrot cake day (USa)
February 4
World cancer day / Bubble gum day (USA)
February 5
National chocolate fondue day (USA)
February 6
World day without your mobile phone
February 7
National fettucini alfredo day (USA)
February 8
Kite flying day
February 9
Read in your bath day (USA)
February 10
Umbrella day
February 11
Worldd day of the sick
February 12
Darwin day
February 13
National tortellini day (USA)
February 14
Valentine’s Day / carole12’s birthday
February 15
February 16
International day of Canadian Heritage
February 17
My Way Day (US)
February 18
Drink wine day (US)
February 19
National chocolate mint day
February 20
World social justice day (since 2010) / love your pet day (USA)
February 21
Card reading day / International Mother Language day
February 22
World Scout day / National margarita day (USA)
February 23
National banana bread day
February 24
SophiePScrap’s birthday
February 25
National chocolate-covered nuts day (USA)
February 26
National Pistachio day (USA)
February 27
International polar bear day
February 28
Worldwide day without Facebook / National tooth fairy day (US)

March 1
National Peanut Butter lover's day (USA)
March 2
World prayer day
March 3
I want you to be happy day (USA)
March 4
International scrapbooking day / World day against sexual exploitation / learn what your name means day (USA)
March 7
National cereal day (USA)
March 8
World Women’s Day / Mardi Gras
March 9
Barbie’s Debut (1959) / Learn what yor name mans day (USA)
March 10
Invention of the telephone (1876)
March 11
National tools day (USA)
March 12
World day against Internet censorship / Girl Guides Day / Genealogy Day (USA)
March 13
Jewel day / Ear muffs day (USA)
March 14
National potato chip day (USA) / Albert Einstein’s brithday
March 15
World consumers’ rights day
March 16
National artichoke hearts day (USA)
March 17
Saint Patrick
March 18
International day of sleep
March 19
Poultry day (USA)
March 20
Spring / World French-speaking community day / World storytelling day
March 21
World poetry day / International day of forests
March 22
World water day
March 23
World meteorological day
March 24
National chocolate-covered raisins day (USA)
March 25
Aange’s birthday
March 26
Make up your own holiday day (USA)
March 27
World theater day
March 28
Something on a stick day (USA)
March 30
I am in control day/ Pencil day (USA)

April 1

April’s Fool / one cent day (USA)
April 2
National peanut butter and jelly day (USA)/ World Children’s book day
April 3
First Pony Express delivery (1860) (USA) / National chocolate mousse day (USA)
April 4
Jamie d’s birthday
April 5
Pocahontas’ wedding anniversary
April 6
Tartan day
April 7
World Health Day / International day remembrance of the Rwanda genocide
April 8
International migratory bird day
April 10
Golfer's day (USA)
April 11
Phicawi’s birthday / Dandelion Day (USA)
April 12
Look up at the sky day / National Liquorice Day / World Parkinson’s Day
April 14
National Moment of Laughter Day (USA)
April 15
National High Five Day / MacDonald's first opens (1955)
April 16
National stress awareness day (USA)
April 17
Palm Sunday / World haemophilia day
April 18
International jugglers day
April 19
Garlic day (USA)
April 20
look alike day (USA) / Secretaries’ Day (CAN)
April 21
Kindergarten day (USA) / National high Five Day
April 22
Earth Day / Good Friday / National jelly bean day (USA)
April 23
World book and copyright day / Chantal’s birthday
April 24
Easter / National pigs in a blanket day (USA)
April 25
World day for the preservation of the parental bond
April 26
Richter Scale Day and National Pretzel Day / World day of intellectual property
April 27
Tell A Story Day (USA)
April 28
Great Poetry Reading Day / World day for health and safety in the workplace
April 29
National Shrimp Scampi Day (USA) / International Dance Day
April 30
National Honesty Day (USA)

May 1

World Love Day / World Laughter Day (1st Sunday in May)
May 2
National Truffle Day (US)
May 3
Worldd Freedom Of The Press Day / Sunshine Day
May 4
International Firefighters’ Day
May 5
World Hand Hygiene Day
May 6
International No Diet Day
May 7
International Scrapbooking Day (1st Saturday in May)
May 8
Mother’s Day / International Red Cross Day
May 9
Lost Sock Memorial Day / World Fair Trade Day
May 10
National Denim Day
May 11
Eat what You Want Day / Twilight Zone Day
May 12
International Nurse Day
May 13
National Apple Pie Day (US)
May 14
Wear Purple for Peace Day / World Day Against High Blood Pressure / National Dance Like a Chicken Day (US)
May 15
International Families Day / National Chocolate Chip Day
May 17
World Day of telecommunication and Information Society Day / Internet Day  / International Day Against Homophobia
May 18
International Museum Day
May 19
National Devil Food Cakes' Day
May 20
Eliza Doolittle Day / Be a Millionaire Day
May 21
National Memo Day / National Waitress/Waiters Day / World Day for Biodiversity, for Dialogue and Development
May 22
International Biodiversity Day
May 23
Victoria Day
May 24
World Turtle day
May 25
National Tap Dance Day / National Wine Day (US)
May 26
World Day for Multiple Sclerosis
May 27
National Sunscreen day (US)
May 28
Game Day (France) / World Women’s Health Day
May 29
International Jazz Day
May 31
World No Tobacco Day

June 1

International Children’s Day (UN) / National Go Barefoot day (US)
June 2
National Rocky Road Day (US)
June 3
Repeat Day (US)
June 4
Old Maid's Day / National Donut Day (US)
June 5
World Environment Day (UN)
June 6
National Yo-Yo Day (US)
June 7
National Chocolate Ice Cream Day (US)
June 8
World Oceans Day (UNESCO) / Best friend day (US)
June 9
Donald Duck’s birthday
June 10
Iced Tea day / Ball point pen day (US)
June 11
National hug holiday (US)
June 12
World Knitting Day
June 14
World Blood Donor Day (WHO)
June 15
Smile Power Day  (US)
June 16
Fudge Day (US)
June 17
Eat your vegetables day (US)
June 18
International Picnic Day (US)
June 19
Father’s Day
June 21
Summer Solstice
June 22
National Chocolate Eclair Day (US)
June 23
National Pink Day (US)
June 24
Saint-Jean Baptiste (QC)/ International fairy day (US)
June 25
National Strawberry Parfait day (US)
June 26
National Chocolate Pudding Day (US)
June 27
Sunglasses day (US) / national Orange Bl
ossom Day (US)

June 28

International caps lock day (US)
June 29
Camera Day (US)
June 30
National meteor day (US)

July 1

Canada Day
July 3
Compliment your Mirror Day (US)
July 4
Independence Day (US)
July 5
Workaholics Day (US)
July 6
National Fried Chicken Day (US)
July 7
National Strawberry Sunday Day / Chocolate Day (US)
July 8
Video Games Day / Chocolate with almonds day (US)
July 9
National Sugar Cookie Day (US)
July 10
Pina Colada Day / Teddy Bear picnic day (US)
July 11
World Population Day (UN)
July 12
National Pecan Pie Day / simplicity day (US)
July 13
National French Fries Day (US)
July 14
Anniversary of the storming of the Bastille (France)
July 15
Gummi Worm Day (US)
July 16
World Juggling Day
July 17
Yellow Pig Day (US)
July 18
National Ice Cream Day, National Caviar Day (US)
July 19
National Daiquiri Day (US)
July 20
National Lollipop Day (US)
July 21
National junk food day (US)
July 22
Hammock Day (US)
July 23
National hot dog day (US)
July 24
National Tequila day (US)
July 25
Parents' Day (US)
July 26
All or Nothing Day (US)
July 27
Walk on stilts day (US)
July 28
National Milk Chocolate Day (US)
July 29
National Lasagna Day (US)
July 30
National Cheesecake Day / National father-in-law day (US)
July 31
Mutt's Day (US)

August 1

National Girlfriends Day (US)
National Raspberry Cream Pie Day (US)
August 2
National Ice Cream Sandwich Day (US)
Friendship day (US)
August 3
National Watermelon Day (US)
August 4
Twins Day Festival
National Chocolate Chip Day (US)
August 5
Journée internationale de la bière
August 6
Wiggle Your Toes Day (US)
August 7
World Friendship Day (1st Sunday in August)
Sisters’ Day (US)
August 9
National Rice Pudding Day (US)
August 10
Lazy Day
S’mores Day (US)
August 12
International Youth Day
Middle Child's Day (US)
August 13
International Lefties’ Day
August 14
National Creamsicle Day (US)
August 15
National Relaxation Day (US)
August 16
National Rum Day (US)
August 17
National Thriftshop Day (US)
August 18
Bad Poetry Day(US)
National soft ice cream day (US)
August 19
Potato Day (US)
World Humanitarian Day (UN)
August 20
National Radio Day (US)
National lemonade day (US)
August 21
Senior Citizens Day (US)
August 22
Be an Angel Day (US)
August 23
National Spongecake Day (US)
August 24
National Waffle Day (US)
August 25
Kiss-And-Make-Up Day(US)
National Banana split day (US)
August 27
World Boss Day
August 29
Michael Jackson’s Birthday
August 30
National Toasted Marshmallow Day(US)
International Day of the Disappeared
August 31
World Blog Day

September 3

Skyscraper Day (USA)

September 5

Labor Day
Be Late for Something Day (USA)
September 6
Fight Procrastination Day (USA)
September 7
Neither Rain nor Snow Day
September 8
International Literacy Day (UNESCO)
September 9
Teddy Bear Day (USA)
September 10
World Suicide Prevention Day
September 11
World Day for the Fight Against Terrorism
Grandparents Day (1st Sunday after Labor Day)
September 13
Defy Superstition Day (USA)
International Chocolate Day
September 14
National Cream-filled Doughnut Day (USA)
September 15
International Day of Democracy
Make a hat day (USA)
Linguine day (USA)
September 16
World Ozone Day (ONU)
National Play-Doh day (USA)
September 17
Oktoberfest begins (until October 3)
September 18
National Cheeseburger day (USA)
September 19
National Butterscotch Pudding Day (USA)
Talk like a pirate day (USA)
September 20
National Punch Day (USA)
September 21
World Peace Day
World Gratitude Day
World Alzheimer Day
September 22
Dear Diary Day (USA)
National White Chocolate Day (USA)
World Car-Free Day
September 23
September 24
National punctuation day (USA)
September 25
National Good Neighbor Day (USA)
National Pancake Day (USA)
National comic book day (USA)
September 26
World Heart Day
September 27
World Tourism Day
National Chocolate milk day (USA)
September 28
Strawberry cream pie day (USA)
September 29
World Day for the Deaf
National coffee day (USA)
September 30
World Oceans Day
World Translation Day
Nienna’s Birthday

October 1

World Music Day

International Day of the Elderly
World Vegetarian Day
World Card Making Day (1st Saturday in October)
October 2
International Day of Non-Violence (UNESCO)
October 3
Virus Appreciation Day (USA)
October 4
National Golf Day (USA)
Beginning of World Space Week  (4 to 10)
World Animals Day
October 5
World Teachers’ Day
October 6
World Habitat Day
October 9
World Post Day
October 10
Thanksgiving (Canada)
National Angel Food Cake Day
World Mental Health Day
October 11
World Palliative Care Day
October 12
International Moment of Frustration Scream Day
International Day for Disaster Reduction
October 13
Journée mondiale de la vue (OMS – 2e jeudi d’octobre)
October 14
National Dessert Day (USA)
World Standards Day
October 15
International White Cane Day
World hand-washing Day
October 16
World Food Day (UN)
Dictionary Day (USA)
World Missionary Day
Sweetest day (USA)
October 17
World Organ Donor and Transplant Day (WHO)
International Day for the Eradication of Poverty
National pasta day (US)
October 18
No Beard Day (USA)
World Day against Pain
World Menopause Day
October 20
World Day for Osteoporosis
International Cooks’ Day (USA)
October 21
International Conflict Resolution Day
Blackelf’s birthday
October 22
National Nut Day (USA)
World Stuttering Day (WHO)
International Caps Lock Day (twice a year)
October 23
Make a difference day (USA)
October 24
National Bologna Day (USA)
United Nations Day
October 25
Punk for a Day Day (USA)
October 26
National Pasta Day (USA)
October 27
World Day for Audiovisual Heritage
October 28
Plush Animal Lover's Day (USA)
National Chocolate Day (USA)
October 29
World Stroke Day
World Psoriasis Day (WHO)
National Cat Day (USA)
October 31

November 1
All Saints
November 2
All Souls' Day
November 3
National sandwich day (US)
November 4
National candy day (US)
November 5
National nachos day (US)
November 7
International Tongue-Twisters Day
November 8
National cappuccino Day (US)
November 9
Chaos Never Dies Day
November 10
World Science Day for Peace and Development
November 11
Remembrance Day
November 13
World Niceness Day
November 14
World Diabetes Day
November 15
National Clean Out Your Refrigerator Day (USA)
November 16
International Day for Tolerance (UN)
Button Day (USA)
November 17
National fast food day (US)
November 18
Mickey Mouse’s Birthday  (1928)
Claralesfleurs, Birthday
November 19
 World Toilet Day
International Men’s Day
November 20
Universal Children’s Day
November 21
World Television Day
World Hello Day
November 22
Start Your Own Country Day (USA)
November 23
National Cashew Day (USA)
November 24
Celebrate your unique talent day (USA)
November 25
Buy Nothing Day (Last Friday of November, North America)
National Parfait Day (USA)
November 28
National French toast Day (USA)
November 29
Square Dance Day (USA)
November 30
Stay At Home Because You're Well Day (USA)

December 1
National Pie Day (USA)
Eat A Red Apple Day (USA)
World AIDS Day (UN)
Jody’s brithday
December 2
International Day for the Abolition of Slavery (UN)
December 3
National Roof-Over-Your-Head Day (USA)
International Day of Disabled Persons (UN)
December 4
International Hug Day
National cookie day (USA)
December 5
International Volunteer Day
December 7
National Cotton Candy Day (USA)
International Civil Aviation Day
December 9
National Pastry Day
International Anti-Corruption Day (UN)
December 10
Human Rights Day
Nobel Day
December 11
International Mountain Day (UN)
December 12
National Poinsettia Day (USA)
December 13
World Choral Day
December 15
National cupcake day (USA)
December 16
National Chocolate Covered Anything Day (USA)
December 17
Underdog Day (USA)
National Maple Syrup Day (USA)
December 19
Oatmeal Muffin Day (USA)
National hard candy day (USA)
December 20
Games Day (USA)
International Human Solidarity Day (UN)
National sangria day (USA)
December 21
Look At The Bright Side Day (USA)
National Flashlight Day (USA)
National French Fried Shrimp Day (USA)
Hamburger Day (USA)
December 22
Winter Solstice
December 24
Christmas Eve
December 25
December 26
National Candy Cane Day (USA)
December 27
Journée nationale du gâteau aux fruits (USA)
December 28
Card Playing Day (USA)
National Chocolate Day (USA)
December 31
New Year’s Eve