vendredi 16 septembre 2011

Magic Stamp


Hier, sur le blog de la boutique Art du scrapbooking, je publiais le dixième article de la série «Encres, étampes et produits connexes», et j'exploitais le bloc Magic Stamp pour créer des textures et des fonds de page. Voici la page présentée:

L'article complet est ici.  Pour les autres versements, voici les liens ci-dessous:

Hello everyone!

For the past several weeks, I have been authoring a series of articles pertaining to inks, stamps and complementary stamping products on the Art du scrapbooking blog. Although the English version of this article is not available yet, I still wanted to show you the page I made for my exploration of the Magic Stamp block. 

At first. I was intimidated by the stamp, not knowing where this would take me, but I must admit, the endless possibilities make it a very attractive addition to any scrapper and stamper's arsenal!

As an example, the page above was built entirely from plain or white cardstock.... the only color piece being the yellow sunshine. All the others are from white, stamped with Magic stamp backgrounds made from Cuttlebug embossing folders. Here are the steps to use the Magic Stamp block:

  • Heat the block about 30 seconds with your heat gun;
  • Immediately press it down several seconds on the object you have chosen (See the pictures in the original article for ideas); 
  • Apply dye ink to the stamp and stamp the resulting design on your cardstock;
  • Clean up (by rubbing it on a damp cloth and drying it off on a dry one); 
  • Reheat to make the design disappear;
  • Press in the next design;
  • Repeat to infinity and beyond!

You could also choose to keep a few Magic Stamp blocks handy and collect some of those background stamps to use again (they are very inexpensive). And, BTW, each block has 2 sides, which can be used independantly, you do the math!

NOTE on inks: the choice of dye ink is only so it can be cleaned up nicely. Other inks can be used, but they will stain the block, which won't be pretty, but won't affect the final result.

I still plan on translating the entire series... I''m still looking to give a piece of my mind to whoever figured 24 hours a day was a good idea ;D

Thanks for stopping by!

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