mardi 2 novembre 2010

Project 52 weeks of ATC's - Week 44

(Version française ici)

Hi there!

This week, I decided to show you a fun technique I learned in my grade school craft classes. We used to melt wax crayons to cover a bottle that would then serve as a vase. Well, here, we will melt the crayons on paper to create a colorful background.

Here is my example:

You will need:

  • Wax crayons - I chose metallic
  • Glossy cardstock
  • Heat gun
  • Remove some of the paper covering the wax crayon
  • Using the heat gun, metl the crayon while moving it around on the paper
  • Change colors and repeat until the desired result is reached.
  • Once dry and cool, cut to desired size and finish your card.

Please come and show us your work on the store forum!

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