mercredi 15 septembre 2010

Project 52 weeks of ATC's - Week 37

(Version française ici).

This week, how about a fun and unusual paint technique? We will use acrylic skins on our ATC.

There are more than one way to create an acrylic skin. For an illustrated how-to of this technique using pouring medium (for a more flexible skin), follow this link.

Variation: Acrylic Paint Only

It is however possible to only spread out a blob of paint on a plastic sheet (a plastic shopping bag works) and let it dry. It might be a little more brittle that the one using the pouring medium, but it does work if you are gentle with it. The degree of humidity in your house will allow the paint to dry faster or slower. If you want to help it along, you might want to try a fan, but stay away from the embossing gun, as it will melt the plastic and make the paint bubble. The best is always to wait it out.

Variation - School Glue

When I was in grade school, when my classmates and I got bored, we would pour white school glue in the palm of our hand and let it dry, then peel it off like a layer of skin. This gave me the idea to try and mix ordinary white school glue with my paint in lieu of pouring medium. I figured, if the medium slows drying time, maybe school glue will do and dry faster. Well, IT WORKS! And it does dry faster (though it retains a little glue scent).

Once completely dry, this skin can be cut like paper or even punched through, which is what I did on my example. The size of the punch used doesn't matter much, but careful to spread the wet mix to make it thin enough to fit the punch.


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