mercredi 8 septembre 2010

Project 52 weeks of ATC's - Week 36

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This week, I challenge you to use Liquid Pearls on your ATC.

Liquid Pearls is a thick liquid adhesive that gives a pearlescent effect to any project. It comes in small bottles similar to Stickles and, like most scrapbooking products, can be used in multiple ways.

On the above ATC, I simply spread the Liquid Pearls all over the moon, using the tip of my finger. Unfortunately, the scan doesn't do it justice, but I assure you that the effect is very pretty.

Here are a couple of other applications, but feel free to explore!

Mini pearl dots: Add mini pearls to a flourish motif with drops of Liquid Pearls here and there. You will notice that the drops make a little point. It that is the look you are going for, let it dry as is. If, on the other hand, you prefer the soft round pearly look, simply pick up your card and tap underneath with your fingers, it will settle the drops. NOTE: Once dry, Liquid Pearls can be colored, using a Sharpie pen or any other permanent marker, so it may be a good idea to keep a bottle of Opal White in your stash that you can match with any project.

Pearlescent watercolor: Liquid Pearls can also be used for a watercolor effect. To do this, place a drop of Liquid Pearls on a craft sheet or an acrylic block, spray it lightly with water (a Mini Mister is great for this) and mix and pick up color with a fine paintbrush to apply to your project. It will dry with a sheen similar to that of the U.S. Art Quest pearlescent watercolor palettes.

For inspiration: ATC's using Liquid Pearls.

Now, it's YOUR TURN!

Don't forget to come show us your work on the store forum!

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