mercredi 4 août 2010

Project 52 weeks of ATC's - Week 31

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Since last week, I had you start a sheet of Peel Off's outline stickers, I suggest we continue using it for this week's technique.

It's a technique that's a bit unusual: we will use the backing sheet for the peel off's motif.

Peel Off's outlines stickers are laser-cut, which means that the backing sheet's surface is slightly cut as well, leaving an imprint where the image used to be. This cut has removed the waxy finish, so it may accept color.

So, go ahead and cut out the section you want to use, color it completely with Peel Off's markers and rub off the excess with a paper towel. The waxy surface will clean easily, but the "imprint" will keep the color to reveal the design. Be gentle, it could be fragile.

NOTE: if you don't have Peel Off's markers, try it with any other kind, including water based markers, Because the imprint is not waxed, it should take as well. Let us know how it turns out.

So there you have it, yet another use for this already versatile supply! Think of all the embellishments of focal points for greeting cards you can make with this and how much further your "investment" goes!


Don't forget to come show us the results on the store forum!

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